Electronic hearing protection GunSport PRO (GSP 15), 1 pair

• especially developed protective effect for the special needs of hunters
and target shooters
• in addition authorized for use at workplaces with high noise levels
• protects against explosive noise during the usage of firearms as well as
shooting noise in the surroundings, e. g. while hunting or during shooting
• characterized by fastest possible return to natural speech reproduction
and restoration of hearing perception in uncritical noise levels
• protects also against irritating, continuous and unwavering loud surrounding
• intensity of protective effect can be selected: “HI”- up to 5 times better
perception of surroundings; “LO”- maximum protection of up to 15 dB
against critical noise levels)
SNR value: 25 dB
H-Value: 26 dB
L-Value: 21 dB
M-Value: 20 dB
* not discountable item

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REF: 86536
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