bebird T15 earcleaner / service instrument

bebird T15 is a handy, visual ear cleaner with a high-definition camera, which is also ideal as a service tool for detecting cerumen deposits in receiver and microphone openings. The 6 integrated LED lights ensure optimal visibility. The image is transmitted wirelessly to the bebird app, which is available for Android and IOS devices. Pictures or videos can be taken during operation. The temperature control keeps the temperature of the camera at a comfortable 25°C. Various cleaning attachments for removing cerumen are included in the scope of delivery. The battery has a runtime of 85 minutes and can be charged with the included USB-C cable.
Color: black
Capacity (battery pack): 300 mAh
Weight: 25 g
Power consumption: DC 5V, 0,5A
Image resolution: 5 Megapixel
REF: 26638
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